Clarifier wastewater stone processing machineries made in Italy, wastewater equipment manufacturing for industrial stone treatment plants, stainless steel clarifier wastewater machine, sludge wastewater treatment machinery, stone dust treatment machinery and equipment to the industrial stone manufacturing companies worldwide, Italian dust collector machine produced with stainless steel to support stone distribution company in United States of America, Canada, Mexico, China, England, China, Taiwan, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Germany, Spain and all America, Europe and Middle East stone manufacturing market

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CLARIFIER WASTEWATER MACHINERY FOR STONE INDUSTRIES - ITALIAN WATER TREATMENT MANUFACTURING, industrial clarifier wastewater machines manufacturer for water recycling and clarification processing treatment. Our stone wastewater processing machineries are designed to separate slurry and sludge coming from the production water saving comsumption and reusing into the same stone processing manufacturing cycle.

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Wastewater clarification treatment machineries for industrial stone applications made in Italy, stainless steel stone machineries and equipment manufacturing industry, based in Vicenza production, using stainless steel, of stone processing machineries created to improve quality production, machines for wholesale B2B industrial machines suppliers at Manufacturer Pricing, customized dust, wastewater, sludge and water treatment plants plus direct international customer services... Italmecc to the United States of America, Canada, Latin America, China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Europe, Middle East, South America, Australia, Africa and all Asia market

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ITALIAN CLARIFIER WASTEWATER MACHINERY a great engineering solution for your stone industry processing, machinery designed with a silos and produced with Italian stainless steel plus a customized filter bag according to your industry final application and production technical requirements.

- The best recycling and clarification process for industrial water
- Efficient separation of the slurry from the water
- To save water reducing the consumption
- It eliminates the high costs to build the decantation tanks
- It decreases and optimises slurry disposal costs
- The silos and the structure is made with the best industrial Italian stainless steel.
- It eliminates waste disposal costs
- No slurry accumulation in the decantation tanks
- Not subject to water leaks, unlike the tanks (and hence)
- No maintenance requirements


Wastewater processing machineries made in Italy produced in stainless steel for worldwide markets, the picture shown a clarifier wastewater plant of 4000 liters for an stone industry in Livonia Michigan United States of America

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Clarifier wastewater treatment machine installed in Livonia Michigan USA - 4000 liters

Concrete marble machineries made in ItalyExport support from manufacturerMade in Italy certificate issue by the Italian governmentEuropean Certificate CE for machines safetyFull shipments documents for import exportEnvironmental protection, safe and health international lawsItalian engineering design to produce stones machineriesItalian manufacturing facilities in Vicenza Veneto ItalyItalmecc srl, Italian stone processing machineriesContact directly our manufacturer sales and export officesStone processing machinery made in ItalyProduzione macchine per trattamento e riciclo acqua e polvere nella industria della pietra naturale

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Fabrica Italiana de maquinas para tratar y reciclar el agua y el polvo en la industria de la piedra natural


  Technical Specs / Model C4 (4000 lt) C8 (8000 lt) C14 (14000 lt) C20 (20000 lt)
     LITERS - US gal 4.000 - 1.056 8.000 - 2.113 14.000 - 3.698 20.000 - 5.283
     DIAMETER mm - ft 1.600 - 5.2 2.200 - 7.2 2.200 - 7.2 2.200 7.2
     HEIGHT mm - ft 3.120 - 10.2 5.070 - 16.8 6.570 - 21.7 8.070 - 26.7
     LOWERED HEIGHT mm - ft N.A. 4.070 - 13,5 5.570 - 18,4 7.070 - 23,3
     LT/MIN without flocc* - gal ∼120 - 31,5 ∼200 - 52,6 ∼300 - 79,2 ∼400 - 105,5
     LT/MIN with flocc* - gal ∼300 - 79,2 ∼420 - 111 ∼600 - 158,4 ∼800 - 211,2
     FILTER BAG 0,4 m3 0,4/0,6 m3 0,4/0,6 m3 0,4/0,6 m3
     WEIGHT Kg - Pounds 333 - 734 860 - 1.895 1.060 - 2.236 1.280 - 2821
     PUMP (EU-AU)* HP - KW - A 1,2 - 0,9 - 2 1,9 - 1,4 - 3,8 4,7 - 3,5 - 8 4,7 - 3,5 - 8
  400 - 415 V 400 - 415 V 400 - 415 V 400 - 415 V
  50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
     PUMP (USA)* HP-kW-A 1,2 - 0,9 - 3,4 1,9 -1,4 - 6,5 4,7 - 3,5 - 14,5 4,7 - 3,5 - 14,5
  230V 230V 230V 230V
  60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
     PUMP (CAN)* HP-kW-A 1,2 - 0,9 - 1,3 1,9 - 1,4 - 2,5 4,7 - 3,5 - 5,6 4,7 - 3,5 - 5,6
  575V 575V 575V 575V
  60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
       (*) Technical specifications can be changed according to the different kind of work and material

AS ITALIAN MANUFACTURERS one of our main goal it's to export our expertise and technology worldwide, we have installed several stone processing machineries worldwide coordinating from export sales the technical specifications, power sizes, dimentions, capacity, power need it, export and import documents, logistics, customs, installation details and final installation with properly test for.



Wastewater treatment machinery installed in Melbourne Australia C8 - 8000 liters

Wastewater treatment machinery installed in Castleton USA








MADE IN ITALY MANUFACTURING AND ASSEMBLY SYSTEM we design and produce, using stainless steel, machineries and equipment thinking in water clarification recycling process to separate slurry from wastewater, saving water to reduce industrial consumption, same for our dust collector treatment full environment friendly.


Industrial production of filter press equipment for dust extraction system during manufacturing process, high technology machines and equipment ideal for wholesale B2B distributors in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America

Machineries design and produced to the worldwide B2B manufacturing suppliers and wholesale distribution vendors


Filter press and dust extraction equipment manufacturing process

Filter press and dust extraction walls manufacturer assembly




WASTEWATER TREATMENT INDUSTRIAL MACHINERIES Italmecc srl. wastewater treatment machines (in stainless steel) convert the industrial wastewater or industrial water, no suitable to be used, into clarified water that can be returned to the manufacturing cycle with minimal impact on environment.

  Clarified wastewater with bag machine as the best way to avoid pollution and healthy problems inside manufacturer facilities, each part of the machine is produce using Italian stainless steel Wastewater treatment equipment with filter press machinary to avoid pollution and industrial health problems inside manufacturing facilities, our machines are produced using European stainless steel Compact clarifier wastewater for industrial applications, ideal for wholesale distribution Sludge wastewater machinery for industrial equipment manufacturing suppliers to protect our environment

Clarifier wastewater with bag

Clarifier wastewater with filter press

Compact clarifier wastewater

Sludge wastewater equipment

  Compact wastewater filter press with 4 plates for industrial stones manufacturing companies and wholesalers Wastewater filter press with 8 plates for industrial manufacturing process, Italian machinery producer Wastewater filter with press 8 plates for industrial stone processing fully produced with stainless steel made in Italy Italian wastewater filter press for large industrial applications to combat manufacturing pollution

Compact wastewater filter press 4 plates

Wastewater filter press 8 plates

Wastewater filter press 8 plates

Wastewater filter press large

  Italian flocculation Treatment equipment for stone processing support Water booster pumps to increase efficiency during manufacturing cycle, for industrial distributors Water clarifier plant installed in Quebec city Canada for stone industrial application

Flocculation Treatment equipment

Water Booster Pumps

Water clarifier plant and full equipment installed in Quebec Canada




INDUSTRIAL DUST TREATMENT EQUIPMENT, as one of the most important Italian industrial company we are involved in design, selection, engineering, fabrication, supply, installation, and commissioning of dust treatment plants respecting the international environment, health and safety laws (OSHA - EPA - CE).

  Air Dust Collector machinery manufacturing company for wholesale industrial distribution Self cleaning dust collector plant for stone processing manufacturing industry, manufacturing prices for distributors Stainless steel water Dust Collector machine for natural stone production facilities Italian air box twin dust collector machinery solution for manufacturers of industrial natural stone

Air Dust Collector machinery

Self cleaning dust collector plant

Water Dust Collector machine

Air box twin dust collector machinery

  Made in Italy portable dust collector for stone manufacturing suppliers, wholesale B2B sales for industries Made in Italy stone processing machineries and equipment, premier manufacturing of water treatment plants, stainless steel clarifier wastewater machine, sludge wastewater treatment machinery, stone dust treatment machinery to the industrial stone manufacturing companies worldwide, Italian dust collector machine produced with stainless steel to support stone distribution company in United States of America, Canada, Mexico, China, England, China, Taiwan, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Germany, Spain and all America, Europe and Middle East stone manufacturing market

Portable dust collector

Dust collector equipment installed and operating in an Italian industrial company




Italmecc srl is one of the most important Italian manufacturer of stone processing, machineries, to the natural stone industry, machineries distribution suppliers, manufacturers of wastewater industrial machines, using our Italian engineering design, new industrial technology offering processing solutions to manufacturers. Our mission is to produce the best dust machines for distributors in Europe, according to the USA, Asia and Middle East requirements including Italy, Vietnam, Asia, Austria, France, US, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta, Ohio, USA, Panama, Australia, Japan, China, Spain, India, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Perý, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Thailand, Korea, Finland, Singapore, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Croatia, Canada, United States of America, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Venezuela, Albania, Romania, Mexico and Paraguay supporting the business to business engineered stone machines distribution worldwide

  Italmecc srl is the most important Italian manufacturers of natural stone processing, machineries, to the manufacturing industry and machineries distribution suppliers High end production system and fully engineering assembly process to reach the best world markets It was in 1979 that Severino Ruaro, one of the 12th generation of a family with a long tradition in the marble industry, decided for personal reasons to embark on an ambitious project: to build a dust purifier that would work with water but without the need for filters Actually we produce more than 6 different purifier water and dust models with many versions designed for specific market requirements, then expanded to the manufacture of related products such as water clarifiers and filter presses

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Made in Italy water treatment stone machineries manufacturing and dust machines manufacturer industry using stainless steel made in Italy to distributors in the United States of America (USA), Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, England, Austria, Portugal, Spain, China, South Corea, Australia, Norway,... for machineries vendors and wholesale distributors suppliers

Machineries produced according to the European Conformity mark, safety, health and environmental protection rules Proud member of the Stone Fabricator's Alliance Proud member of the Confindustria Vicenza Italy Member Proud member of the Marble Institute of America Machines produced according to the UL certification rules

European Conformity CE

Stone Fabricator's Alliance

Confindustria Vicenza

Marble Institute of America

CSA US Certified

UL Certified


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Italian wastewater treatment stone machineries manufacturer and dust machines manufacturing industry using stainless steel made in Italy to the United States of America (USA), Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, England, Austria, Portugal, Spain, China, South Corea, Australia, Norway,... for machineries wholesale distribution




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